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App crashes when opening multiple files

Sep 29, 2014 at 4:11 PM
I am using Log Expert on my development machine and it works great. For some reason when I try to run Log Expert on one of the PCs in production it crashes every time I try to open a second file. One file, everything works fine. After selecting the second file in the open dialog and clicking open the app will crash. I downloaded the source and ran it remotely, attached to the process and recreated the issue. It throws a stack overflow exception on line 913 of LogTabWindow.cs the OpenFileDialog method.

if (DialogResult.OK == openFileDialog.ShowDialog(this))

The only significant difference from my development machine and the one in production is that the user account that it runs in is pretty heavily locked down. Can anyone help me understand why this happens? I would love to use this great tool. Maybe this is a bug or maybe I just need to allow permissions for something, not sure. Let me know what you think.