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New Features (if not the only one) : Only tail

Jan 29, 2015 at 7:55 PM
On big files, on realtime logs, only the tail is interesting, is it possible to only open the tail like the last 10mo or last 5000lines ... ?

Thank you.
Aug 19, 2015 at 8:36 PM
I would like to add a "me too" vote to this request. I have log files which are on the far end of a network, and are sometimes larger than 1GB. There are only a very few Windows tail/log applications that can open the end of the file immediately, and none have the features of Log Expert.

The ideal implementation of this feature would be to open only the last N lines of a file (perhaps a value accessible in the settings) so that it can load instantly. From there, you could have some sort of button to "load the entire file."

I know this should be possible, because another commercial Windows tail application, BareTail Pro, implements this feature very well. It does not have any configurable settings, but when you load a file into the application, it loads instantly. I don't know exactly how much of the file it loads at a time, because as I use the up-arrow keys, or the PgUp keys, it always has the relevant part of the file visible. (I can be certain that it isn't loading the entire file, because in my case, that would take 10 minutes or more.) I can even drag the scroll bar to different parts of the file. If I drag it to, say, approximately the middle of the screen, it will instantly open a location approximately in the middle of the file. If I drag it to the beginning of the file, then it will open the beginning of the file. Highlights work seamlessly in any part of the file that's open. It's only when I perform an operation, for example a RegEx search, that it will pause to load the entire file.

I don't mean to sound I dislike LogExpert. It does many things very well, and I quite like the interface. It is a wonderful project, and I am thankful to the people who have taken the time to develop it. Nor do I think that BareTail Pro the best Windows tail application. I paid for it, yet it has some significant shortcomings, many of which have been overcome in LogExpert.

I can say confidently that if this application had better ability to handle extremely large files, it would be my go-to solution. If I had the know-how, I would love to contribute, but I am a SysAdmin, not a developer, so I fear I don't have much to offer.

Thanks again to all who have spent their time on this project.
Aug 19, 2015 at 8:49 PM
... and taking a look at "Future Plans for LogExpert" I see that this is the #1 item on your list. :-)

Good on ya! I guess I don't have an appreciation exactly how much work this would be. (as I said, I'm a SysAdmin, not a developer...) Still, it would make an enormous difference in the usability over network connections.

Interestingly, I have noticed that BareTail Pro does not have an option to display line numbers. I suppose this is probably the reason for it.

Perhaps just omit the line numbers completely if the entire file isn't loaded. I wouldn't want LogExpert to start loading the file in the background automatically just to get line numbers, so perhaps if the file is over N lines, load only the last N lines, and provide a button to "load the entire file." It's kinda cool how BareTail Pro allows a "seamless" ability to hop around to different parts of the file, and that could still be done in Log Expert, but I would prefer the user to manually intervene to load an exceptionally large log file in its entirety. As I said in the previous note, I have >1GB log files in a co-located data center which has a metered data connection. I don't want to initiate the transfer of a huge log file without having to intentionally initiate that.

Anyhow, thanks again, and I'll watch this development closely!