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suggestion - add column argument for external tools

May 25 at 2:41 AM
Would you consider adding these two features:

Item 1:
Add a current column argument eg %C so external tools can locate position of a string in a log line. In particular some logs contain a line with unquoted path+file name containing spaces (see example below) in the line making it difficult to use a regular expression to select file arguments from a log line. For example:
Copy: x:\path\logexpert.dat -> "d:\app\LogExpert\logexpert_config 2017-05-20 2108.dat"
d:\app\LogExpert\logexpert_config 2017-05-20 2109.dat deleted
When in mark/edit mode where you can position the cursor at the start of a path+file name string (eg. x:\path\logexpert.dat) I could then call an external tool with arguments like:
my_tool.exe "%P%N" "%L" "%C"
Where "%C" would have values like 7, or 32 (line1); or 1 (line2) in above examples depending which file name was at the cursor position. The start of the string location allows me to find the correct path+file name string in the log line and do further actions in an external tool. (I have a similar setup in notepad++ tool allowing me to jump from a file reference, or URIs located at current line,column location to another files. I want to do something similar with log files in Logexpert)

Item 2:
Add ability to assign shortcut keys to external tools so I can do the above with a function key which is how I do it in notepad++ tool