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Searching while file is being written to will sometimes cause Text to disappear



Thank you for LogExpert 1.5.4446.

When I try searching for something while the file is also being written to, it will sometimes cause all the text in the Text column to disappear and never come back unless I reload the file.

I've noticed that this only happens when the log file is > 300MB.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Load file
  2. Press Ctrl+F and type " error " without quotes and press the Enter key
    In my case, the search did not find anything.
  3. Press F3 (Find Next)
  4. The search will restart at the beginning of the file.
  5. All the text in the Text column disappears after a short while

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Closed Jan 15, 2015 at 11:07 PM by HagenRaab


HagenRaab wrote Jan 15, 2015 at 11:07 PM

Thanks for detailed reproducing steps. This helped to track down the problem. :)

Issue should be fixed with new "1.5 build 5493".

wrote Jan 15, 2015 at 11:07 PM

wrote Sep 11, 2016 at 4:18 PM

Associated with changeset 35110: Merge branch 'Bug-1710-long-lines'

changed method to test if it triggers the problem

replaced all CurrentLogFileReader.GetLogLine with GetLine method

removed unused class

renamed file IBackgroundProcessCancelHandler

renamed interface IBackgroundProcessCancelHandler

fixed build erros

undo config changes

fixed behavior to act more like the old coding still under development

added logging to catch blocks

removed completly old logger class

replaced old logger with nlog

introduced nlog partial (safety commit ;) )

replaced fields with properties

Merge branch 'refactoring' into branches/refactoring

reenabled unit test build, fixed in CI nuget restore

BREAKING changed config to xmlSerializer

changed output path for plugins to ../bin/LogExpert/Plugins

reenabled unit test build, fixed in CI nuget restore

BREAKING changed config to xmlSerializer

changed output path for plugins to ../bin/LogExpert/Plugins

changed output path for plugins to ../bin/LogExpert/Plugins

updated solution binding

changed output path

Merge branch 'branches/refactoring' of into branches/refactoring

changed output path and added .gitignore

excluded Unit test projects in release build configuration

Merge branch 'branches/refactoring' of into branches/refactoring

Merge branch 'branches/refactoring' of into branches/refactoring

excluded Unit test projects in release build configuration

fixed wrong NET version for NUnit

fixed wrong NET version for NUnit

changed line to be compatible to NET 3.5

updated columnizer projects to .NET 4.0

upgraded all projects to .NET 4.0
small bugfix in ProcessLauncher with index in substring
fixed plugin registry to check plugin folder and parent folder
added another unit test project but at the moment it does not really work

added option to disable column cache
tabified ConfigManager and SettingsDialog

moved filtergrid and datagrid CurrentCellAddress.Y to property
and another method moved to base

changed verrsion 1.6
some refactoring

some refactoring

moved delegate to field
introduced string format

minro changes

removed duplicate fields, methods,
moved files to new folders
created files for classes
moved outptu to ..\bin

removed unused class
minor formatting

refactored bookmarks
moved bookmark related events to BookmarkDataProvider
introduced new property BookmarkProvider

splitted hilight file
minor refactoring

minor refactoring
removed this, reordered methods, props,
removed vs hosting process

removed unused CmdLine.cs
Win32 removed unused method
added some braces and removed this.
HighlightEntry fixed misspeled assign in Entry

some refactoring
LogWindow removed some methods/variables that hides base members

minor refactoring in paramparser
added some braces to pluginRegestry

changed of some classes the accessor
moved external call to win32 class
some more refactoring
removed unused methods

some refactoring

removed unused delegate

refactored delegate to use type FilterPipe to avoid cast and removed unused parameter

refactored filter pipe
  • renamed variables
  • created regions
  • removed this
  • introduced using
refactored Filter.cs
  • removed this, unused variables
  • refactored to autoimplement property
  • renamed fields
  • changed to string format
  • ..
pulled ColumnizerCallback and LogExpertCallback to extra files
refactored some variables and introduced property for _logFileReader

fixed wrong assigment in constructor of Columnizer Callback

removed copy in build events

possible fix for issue #1155

merged changes from HagenRaab changeset 32577
including fix for #1432

removed empty else block
removed this.
added if to _calcThread.Join and only Abort on timeout

replaced EventHandler with Action not necessary to create so much objects and pass them around
merged both Calc methods in one method
replaced SetDisplayHeight with property

added new class BaseLogWindow only for refactoring
started to clean up TimeSpreadCalculator, moved SpreadEntry to new file

removed unused property sessionFileName inclusive persister field
moved LogWindowClosing to event region

minor refactoring
intrudoced method for progressBarInit
moved private method to region

removed this.

replaced some fields with auto implement properties

removed unused methods

removed LoadingFinishedFx, was always null

replaced where possible non generic delegates with generic delegates

replaced PatternStatisticFx with generic action

removed useless if

removed QualityInfo from this file

Moved fuzzyBlockDetection to extra class
moved QualityInfo to extra file
intrudoced new interface for fuzzyBlockDetection

Moved Damerau- and YetiLevenshtein to extra files
added surrounding block for one line ifs

replaced Util.IsNull with string.IsNullOrEmpty

Util.cs added regions

removed unused method FindSimilarLine1

renamed fields

removed unused field _bookmarkColor
removed unecessary this
added braces to if and for
changed double casts to one safe cast with null check

removed unused or only assigned to variables

replaced field call with property
replaced property with backing field with auto property

replaced field call with property
replaced property with backing field with auto property

removed duplicate code SelectLine

removed commented out code fragments

hopefully added to all ifs braces

added braces to some ifs

added some more regions to events

fixed tabs

moved filter paint cell method to PaintHelper
replaced PaintCell method with PaintHelper method

removed redudant method CellPainting and replaced it with call in PaintHelper

removed redudant PaintHighlightedCell method

removed redudant method BorderWiths from LogWindow
changed accesor to public

moved methods to regions and some refactoring

moved CmdLine to new folder

undo wrong delete of CmdLine.cs

file reordering
  • upgraded projects to .NET 3.5
  • *.Designer.cs minor changes in comments and generator version
changed ColumnizerLib reference to project reference
  • upgraded to vs2012 (the old vs 2008 sln still exists and working)
  • *.designer.cs minor changes like comments and used tools version
  • binded / added sln 2012 to source control
Logexpert.csproj changed PostBuildEvent, added /y parameter to override existing files

binded projects and solution to tfs

added dockpanelsuite from checkin 115 (MIT license see $/logexpert/branches/refactoring/WinFormsUI/license.txt)
  • moved LogExpert.sln to parent folder
  • removed slash from post build in LogExpert.csproj
Branched from $/logexpert/trunk