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Log lines are blank after 76000


I'm using Windows 10 and running a Dell XPS-13. Not sure if that's relevant.

Things will be going well and then some lines (almost always the ones I'm interested in) will turn blank.

If I copy and paste them they will be blank.

If I double click the column expand 'widget' to expand the text all of the columns get minimized. If I scroll up in the log panel I can see lines with text in them, and If I double click the expand widget the line gets expanded appropriately and I can see those log lines.

I scroll down and the lines still aren't there.

I'm thinking 16bit limit might be a problem here? Anyone else experienced this?


laz4 wrote Mar 3 at 4:20 PM

I see blank lines on long strings too. To view the content I have to double click on the blank line, ctrl+A to select all, copy and paste in notepad.