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Any approach to know all lines have been split done (offline)

Jan 5 at 1:58 AM

I am writing a columnizer, and the columnizer will collect specific info from specific lines when split them.
Then, after all line splite done, I want to do some thing on the collected info.
So, I need the trigger that indicates all line split done.
Only for offline log processing.

I have ever tried the method below, but didn't work.
  1. count the times that PreProcessLine() have been called
  2. and then the times of SplitLine()
  3. When SplitLine() call times equal PreProcessLine() call times, take it as the trigger.
I found that the SplitLine() will also be called even if all line have been processed by the columnizer when I click in the log view.

So, for offline log processing, is it any event can be take as the trigger that all line split done? or, is it feasible to know the event?