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LogExpert is a Windows tail program (a GUI replacement for the Unix tail command).

Summary of features:
  • Tail mode
  • MDI-Interface with Tabs
  • Search function (including RegEx)
  • Bookmarks
  • A very flexible filter view
  • Highlighting lines via search criteria
  • Columnizers: This means splitting log lines into columns for some well defined logfile formats
  • Unicode support
  • log4j XML file support
  • 3rd party plugin support
  • SFTP support (loading files directly from SFTP)
  • Plugin API for more log file data sources

Building the sources

You need Visual Studio 2008 (maybe 2005 works as well). LogExpert is written in C# and needs .NET 2.0.
  1. Check out the source (SVN)
  2. Open LogExpert.sln in the LogExpert sub folder
  3. Press F6 :) It should compile out of the box
  4. Compiled application and all plugins will be compiled to bin/Debug or bin/Release. There's no build script or deployment yet. Just copy the needed stuff.

I made the whole project using Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition. The express editions may also work, but I haven't tried yet.

3rd Party dependencies

  • All dependency DLLs for LogExpert core functions are located in the lib folder. A text file with URLs and license info is also located in the folder.
  • For the NUnit tests you need a NUnit runtime environment
  • The CSV-Columnizer uses a CSV reader from
  • MDI Tab Control is included as source code, because I made some minor changes. It's a Visual Basic project.

Help file


  • SDK for columnizer and plugin development is located in the sub folder SDK
  • The SDK contains a general help file (created with HelpSmith) and an API doc created with NDoc

Where to start?


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